Tailormade Service Contracts

Year on year our clients have benefited from having a ‘Tailormade Service Contract’ in place. With our customers input, we set out to create a bespoke package aimed at making annual service provision simple and easy to manage.

Benefits include;
Carrying out a chosen number of scheduled preventative maintenance (PM) / inspection visits, equally spaced through the fiscal year (to spread cost). We also take in to consideration requirements around peak periods etc. We will contact you ahead of each visit to make final arrangements. A detailed service report is issued after each service highlighting work completed and any potential future points of failure.

We include cleaning, lubrication, change of consumables and service exchange (parts which are reconditioned and returned to stock for future use).
Within the contract we can fully manage site spare parts, creating inventories with maximum and re-order levels allowing automatic replen and periodic physical stocktakes to ensure data is 100% accurate.

Being under contract ensures that you are prioritised when it comes to breakdown call-outs. We can where required agree KPI targets for response times.