E-com Baggers

One of the fastest growing drivers for automated packaging is E-com. Applications can be very demanding as clients are looking for solutions that deliver a combination of high speed, product size flexibility, branding opportunities, accuracy, reliability and lower cost packaging.

A common solution to meet this criteria is an automatic bagging line. Scanners are used to read order or product ID on the infeed and confirm order / create despatch point on the outfeed. In between sits an on-board print and apply labeller, which uses middleware to capture and utilise data received from the hosts WMS or from the courier’s database, following the initial scan and look up.

There are two options for creating the ‘bag’ either constant width / variable length (to match order size) or variable width / variable length to create an all-round tighter fit.

Bags can be branded by scatter printing film with logo and strap-lines, include ‘cut here’ lines to encourage re-use of bag for returns and carry generic warning messages etc.

We offer the complete package, machine, scanners, labeller, software, data management and packaging material.

Typical products; apparel, shoes, books, media, toys, games, gifts and so much more…

Quick reference guide

  • High speed automatic machine options
  • Low unit pack cost
  • Bio-degradable materials
  • Great for branding
  • Can be used for returns
  • Utilise data capture for monitoring workflow

Create a perfect system

On the end of the automatic Bagger, consider integrating Conveyors and an automatic Sorter to create your optimum fulfilment solution.